Monthly Archives: July 2012

Transmitting Audio Wirelessly Through Light


I love listening to, and playing music. I also enjoy playing with lasers, and using wireless technology! Why not combine these geeky interests to make my own wireless audio transmitter? You can wirelessly transmit music/data using all sorts of other technologies, but this project will utilize a portion of the visible light spectrum through a laser. This is a perfect project for kids wanting to clinch a science fair ribbon too. Wow the judges by using a laser pointer to transmit your favorite song from across the hall! I ran

DIY USB Solar Charger Tutorial (Wallet Size!)


Hi everyone, I’ve got a quick, easy, and fun tutorial for you! I’ll show you how to make your very own solar charger for your mobile devices to charge them wherever you find a bright light source and no power outlet. Yep, it’ll work everywhere; from the beach, all the way to the Moon (not the dark side unfortunately). Needless to say, harnessing the power of the sun/photons is not a new concept. Even used to power Vanguard 1 way back in 1958, the sun provides enough energy every hour

Radio Controlled Parachute Drop


Ever since I developed a passion for scratch building radio controlled airplanes about a year ago, I have been very eager to design a system to deploy parachutes and other fun payloads (I’ll keep those as surprises for future posts). Radio Controlled Parachute Drop from Treehouse Projects on Vimeo. I recently built an electric 41″ Cessna 185 out of foam, adapted from Mark’s plans over at He’s been a scratch builder since 1977 (well before I was even born), so he’s got a few more years of experience under