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Setting Up An External Crystal Clock Source (with Fuse Bits) for AVR ATMega Microcontrollers


Hi everyone, Recently, I came across the need to utilize an external clock source for my ATMega microcontroller. I was initially under the impression that it would be a relatively daunting task after reading about the mounds of bricked AVRs which had fallen into the unforgiving grip of incorrectly set fuse bytes. I didn’t find any tutorials geared specifically towards addressing this subject, suitable for beginners. Fortunately my experience wasn’t bad at all, and the main reason for that (I suspect) is that I did a lot of research and

Capacitive Touch Sensing Game Controller & Processing Game


I really like my phone because of the way I can seamlessly interact with its touch screen – among many other things. Most touch screens nowadays utilize capacitive touch sensing technology (which I’ll explain later), so this project is my little way of exploring this amazing technology at a very rudimentary level. As you’ll soon find out, my project ended up going much further than I had initially anticipated, and resulted in the creation of a homemade video game which I played with a homemade controller and (you guessed it)