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jMonkeyEngine – Setting a Custom RGBA Based on Hex Color Codes


As I progress through a project I am working on with jMonkeyEngine (which is really cool by the way … jMonkeyEngine, that is), I came across the need to use a custom color for my project. So I quickly went into the API, found the ColorRGBA class, and went from there. I am working with a color generator (ColorSchemeDesigner) to help me pick out colors which work well together. The colors are given to me as the RGBA color codes, used mostly for web design. These codes include hex values

Smart Electronic Garbage Bin Locking System – ElectroBin


A few weeks ago, I entered a small design competition with a group of friends. I was responsible for the prototype. Essentially, we had to design a mechanism for garbage bins (you know, those bins you place outside your house filled with garbage). Thing is, the garbage is actually an all-you-can-eat buffet for prowling masked rodents – a.k.a. raccoons – at night. So the mechanism had to be designed in a way which would prevent raccoons from creating a mess on your front lawn by toppling over your garbage bin

Internet Based Temperature Sensing System


This post will describe a project I worked on a few months ago during my spare time. Looking back, I see how much my skill set has changed, and how I would have attempted this project in a completely different way. Nevertheless, this is the whole point of documenting one’s work – and one of the primary goals of my blog (see About section). It allows me to keep track of my progress (i.e. see how silly/naive I was before). Parts of the following post were actually written for a

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