Monthly Archives: March 2013

Atmel Studio + USBasp


I normally use WinAVR for my AVR related projects, but recently found the need to use Atmel Studio. The problem is, I use a USBasp to program my chips, but Studio does not support that particular programmer because it doesn’t follow Atmel’s protocol. Anyhow, the easiest solution I found was to write the code in Studio, compile it in there, and switch to my command prompt in order to burn the hex file using avrdude. Personally, I found that to be easiest way. You could probably set up an external

RXTX Disconnecting/Intermittent Communication


Real quick post: So I am working with RXTX (Windows 7, 64-bit), and just wanted to quickly point out a few things. I am working with the JY-MCU serial bluetooth module, and was experiencing a lot of difficulty connecting to it via RXTX. Well, turns out the solution was pretty simple, and connecting is much better now. The key was this line: commPort.enableReceiveTimeout(500); Place that line right after CommPort commPort =,2000); And everything should work great (did for me, anyway). I found this solution in an e-mail thread found