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Wireless Laser Bound Safety Perimeter


For an engineering design course, we were taught the process of identifying a community, finding a problem in that community, discussing the problem with stakeholders, and proposing a solution to solve the problem. Of course, there was a lot more to it than that, but the reason I really enjoyed the course was because it was a great opportunity to experience the design process in its entirety. From finding a problem to building a working prototype of the proposed solution, the end result was very rewarding. My biggest role in

Meet Discovery – The Omni-Directional Remote Inspection Robot


For a recent robotics competition, I created a robot which had to complete a series of tasks in a simulated disaster scenario. From reading gauges and picking up objects, to pushing buttons and deploying payloads, the tasks were very exciting. What made it really challenging, however, was the fact that the entire mission had to be carried out without ever looking at the robot or arena (directly, anyway)! There were no restrictions on the types of robots you could bring – so there were a lot of really creative designs

Retrieving Rankings in Scoreloop Core for Android


Hi, I am writing an Android application which requires me to store scores, achievements, etc. on a server. Since I am short on time, I decided to try Scoreloop (I am also interested in monetizing my application at some point, which Scoreloop should also facilitate without me wasting an eternity writing my own code). Anyhow, I was struggling for a bit with figuring out how to retrieve the ranking of a current user playing my game. I eventually figured out how Scoreloop is setup, and was able to put this