Simon SK-30A – Resetting ESC to Set Throttle Range

I am building a quadcopter, and bought SK-30A ESCs from RCTimer. I actually bought five, just in case something were to go wrong with one.

I was actually feeling very thankful for buying five, because it seemed like one was not working! Well, it would only run the motor when I move my throttle stick half way up. I then tried to follow the same throttle range setting procedure used with most ESCs, and it worked!

All I had to do was first turn the transmitter and receiver off, then put the throttle stick all the way up (ESC is connected to throttle channel), turn on transmitter, then receiver, listen to the ESC sing it’s little song, and voila!

I think I may build my own ESCs for my next project – they do not really seem to complex, but those are the last words for most engineers.

Anyway, on to completing this little guy.

By the way, I am using an OrangeRX, and DX6i.

Edit: Just found a manual for these ESCs. They should have sent one when I bought them.

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  1. paws says:

    thanks for the manual link. was going nuts trying to find it. cheers and thanks again!

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